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The “Things” of Kengo Kuma: Materials that Whisper, Materials that Speak

Kengo Kuma: a LAB for materials

Saturday, March 3 - Sunday, May 6, 2018

With enormous projects inside and outside Japan, world-class architect Kengo Kuma (b. 1954) is constantly on the move. This exhibition is a major survey of his projects from the past 30 years, projects underpinned by Kuma's intimate knowledge of Eastern and Western thought, both past and present, and his own innovative concepts, which include his ideas on “makeru kenchiku (defeated architecture)” and “shizen na kenchiku (natural architecture).” The exhibition focuses in particular on materials, which Kuma has dialoged with extensively through his work, and is organized by category of primary material, including bamboo, wood, paper, stone and earth. It attempts to provide an overview of Kuma's work from the standpoint of “things.” The liberation of “things,” it is proposed, creates the possibility of an architecture that mediates between human sensibility and awareness and the larger environment.


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Takehisa Yumeji: Master of Japanese Modern Illustration

Takehisa Yumeji: Master of Japanese Modern Illustration

Saturday, May 19 - Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chiyoda Ward, where Tokyo Station Gallery is located, has flourished as a district with one of the highest concentrations of publishing and printing companies in Japan. Ryuseikaku in Kudanminami, Chiyoda Ward is well-known as the publisher of Kotaro Takamura's The Chieko Story, but it is also the company that published a number of works by Yumeji Takehisa after the war and was a driving force in the second wave of Yumeji's great popularity. This exhibition is to commemorate the donation to Chiyoda Ward of the huge Yumeji Collection (over 1,200 items) that Ishiro Sawada, the founder of Ryuseikaku, collected for the publication of Yumeji's writings and drawings, and it presents the essence of that collection.

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