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Tadanori Yokoo [POP de TOP wo!] Around 1964; artist's collection

Tadanori Yokoo [POP de TOP wo!]
Around 1964; artist's collection

Parody and Intertextuality: Visual Culture in Japan around the 1970s

February 18 (Saturday) - April 16 (Sunday), 2017

From 1960s onward, Japanese artists made extensive use of parody, and in the 1970s parody became popular in society as a result of its use on TV, in magazines, etc. Was the phenomenon of every conceivable kind of culture becoming infected with parody an ephemeral flower that bloomed in the gap between modern and postmodern? Via the visual culture of that time, in this exhibition we look back at the techniques and forms of parody, a term which became well established in Japanese even though its meaning is somewhat obscure.
We hope you will enjoy the vivid and concrete expressions of parody and the interplay between parody and society to be found in the many unusual works presented here.

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