Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 1 (Front cover & p.1)

Front Cover

Photo: Tokyo Station covers approx. 150,000 m2 of space

Greetings from the Chairman

The East Japan Railway Culture Foundation was established in March 1992 by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). JR East now operates JNR's railways in the eastern part of the main island of Honshu including Tokyo. The Foundation has three main objectives: promoting cultural events, promoting research and studies on transport management and engineering, and promoting international exchange regarding transport.
The Japan Railway and Transport Review is a quarterly English-language publication. It is a new undertaking by the Foundation to keep overseas readers informed about the latest developments in Japan's domestic transport system. Japan has not so far made sufficient effort to communicate with others worldwide about its railways and domestic transport. However, since international exchanges have become very popular in every sector of life, we think it is both appropriate and important to explain Japan's policy about railways and other domestic transportation, as well as the management strategies of transport operators, the latest technologies and the history of Japanese transport. We will introduce both the management and technical aspects of Japanese transport as well as the people who work on transport, to draw your attention to the human and cultural aspects of transport in Japan.
We would also like to present a venue for international exchange of views and experiences about various transport issues throughout the world. Each issue of this magazine will have a specific theme and we will ask both Japanese and foreign specialists, journalists, scholars, etc., to contribute articles on each theme to share their experiences and views with others.
Japan Railway and Transport Review is a non-profit publication. We hope to distribute 3,000 copies to people in international bodies, governments, legislatures, transport authorities and businesses, universities and research institutes, media, etc., who are concerned about transport. Your contribution is always welcome. Please send us your impressions and opinions about this first issue and its editorial policy. Your active support will make this magazine a new medium of information and international exchange about transport.
March 1994
Shoji Sumita
Chairman, East Japan Railway Culture Foundation