East Japan Railway Culture Foundation
Promoting International Understanding and Cultural Exchange

To promote international understanding, EJRCF assists railway-related cross-cultural exchanges and publishes Japan Railway & Transport Review and other English materials.
JR East Fellowship Training
We use this fellowship to invite young railway executive candidates from all over Asia to come and engage in training on specific themes.  Opportunities to study the Japanese language and learn about Japanese culture also are made available. We are striving to bridge borders and foster deep-rooted goodwill relations via railways.
JR East Fellowship Training
JR East Follow-up Training
We hold follow-up training mostly for people from Asian countries who have completed our fellowship training and who are set to become mid-range railway executives. The training mostly involves studying business management, such as technical management, safety management and quality control for railways. The aims are to give trainees opportunities to update the knowledge gained from previous training and take the next step in furthering railway cultura l interaction with the countries of Asia. JR East Follow-up Training
Other International Interaction Activities
We make use of the know-how accumulated from accepting trainees in our international training program to respond to requests for fact-finding visits from overseas railway personnel, mainly from Asia, planning and running visits to the Railway Museum, experiences of Japanese culture and other excursions.
To serve as an international forum on railway and transport issues, EJRCF publishes JRTR, an English quarterly journal providing transport information and commentary worldwide.

JRTR Web site: www.jrtr.net
English-language Publications
The Foundation publishes two English-language books related to railways ?A History of Japanese Railways 1872?1999 and Japanese Railway Technology Today.

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