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Art museum inside Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station Gallery was established in Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building in 1988 with the desire to offer the station passengers a place for fragrant culture. Since our establishment, we have become known as an art museum with unique exhibitions and brick wall that embody the history of Tokyo Station.
We temporarily closed due to restoration work of Tokyo Station in 2006, and made a new start in the autumn of 2012 in a form that has further evolved in line with the times in the restored station building.
Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building was constructed in 1914 from a design by the architect Tatsuno Kingo. Tokyo Station is the origin of railways up and down Japan and is positioned as the "central station" established by being the 0 kilo post of many main lines. The station has struggled as an eyewitness through numerous turbulent times as the stage of modern history in Japan.
We will continue to be active in the future while deeply recognizing the significance of carrying out our activities as an art museum in the important cultural property of Tokyo Station that is located at the geographical and historical heart of Japan.

Floor Guide

  • 1F
  • 2F
  • 3F
  • StairsStairs
  • ElevatorElevator
  • LockerLocker
  • Accessible toiletAccessible toilet
  • Men's restroomMen's restroom
  • Ladies restroomLadies restroom

Information on accessibility

Service dogs are welcome
Free rental strollers and wheelchairs (subject to availability)
Restrooms (First and Second floors)
Multipurpose restroom fitted with a baby seat, baby changing station and facilities for ostomates (second floor)
Lockers (First floor)
Large bags may be collected at reception
Elevator between First and Third floor
Free Wi-Fi is available in the exhibition rooms, lounge and corridor (SSID:TokyoStationGallery)
  • Car parking is not provided
  • The structure of the building may cause footsteps to echo loudly in the exhibition rooms.
  • The temperature of the exhibition rooms is set to 21℃ in accordance with international standards for the protection of artworks.
  • Free rental slippers and blankets.
  • Any type of plants or animals (except for service dogs) are not allowed in the museum

Highlights of the building

Tokyo Station Gallery is an art museum established in the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building in1988. People have long enjoyed the unique exhibition and the atmosphere created by the exposed brick walls of the exhibition rooms. Here are the highlights of the building and information of the permanent exhibition.

  • Roughening of the brick walls
    01 About Bricks
  • Steel structure seen in the gallery
    02 About the Steel Construction
  • Staircase (2F landing)
    03 Chandelier and Stained-glass at the Staircase
  • Tokyo Station History
    04 Hallway Exhibit of Tokyo Station History
  • Baltzer’s Central Station plan
    05 Transition of Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building --Background Story of Constructing the Tokyo Station
  • Model of the Tokyo Station building after WWII
    06 Transition of Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building – After WWII
  • Photograph of Tatsuno Kingo taken in 1915
    07 About Tatsuno Kingo(1854-1919)
  • Marunouchi district in 1914
    08 Diorama of the Marunouchi District
  • Waxing and waning moon motif of the 3rd floor balcony bracket
    09 Waxing and Waning Moon Motif
  • Staircase no.7 original steel bracket
    10 Original Steel Brackets and Handrail
  • Mold of Zodiac Sign Sculptures
    11 Mold of Zodiac Sign Sculptures
  • Original dome ceiling
    12 Design of the Dome Ceiling


The store has a range of unique items that encapsulate various aspects of the wonder of railways, as well as exhibition catalogues and other art books. Items relating to the exhibitions are also available.

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Basic shop information

2F Tokyo Station Gallery (TEL: 03-3211-0248)
Business hours
Conforms to the opening hours of Tokyo Station Gallery
Payment method
Major credit cards and prepaid transportation cards are accepted
  • The Museum Shop is a service for visitors who have come to enjoy the exhibition. Please understand in advance that it is not possible to use only the shop.