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Supporting Local Cultural Activities
Railways have always played a major role in local development by serving as a network for the movement of people, goods, and information. The Foundation presents cultural events at various venues including train stations, and it also supports the preservation and development of local cultures.

* Museum of Railway
To commemorate the 20th anniversary in 2007 of the establishment of JR East, the Foundation is working with the Transportation Museum to move the museum to a large new purpose-built site in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, where it will be renamed the Museum of Railway, specializing in railways. The new Museum of Railway is intended to have a threefold role: as a railway museum for preserving and researching heritage rolling stock, equipment and railway-related documents; as a history museum providing information about the history and changes that have occurred in the railway industry; and as a educational museum offering educational resources about the latest developments in railway technologies.

* Tokyo Station Gallery
Tokyo Station Gallery was opened in 1988 to develop the Station's role as a cultural crossroads. The bare redbrick walls enhance the image of a "small but authentic art gallery"exhibiting all genres of art from paintings to sculpture, architecture and design.
image image

*Old Shimbashi Station [Railway History Exhibition Hall]
10 April 2003 marked the opening of Old Shimbashi Station, an accurate replica of Japanís first station building standing exactly on the site of the birthplace of railways in Japan and designated an historic site by the national government. While the building exterior faithfully recreates the appearance of the original building, the modern interior has a Railway History Exhibition Hall with many displays introducing the history of railways in Japan, as well as restaurants where the many visitors can relax and enjoy themselves.
image image

* Supporting Local Cultural Activities
To help strengthen local communities, the Foundation assists regional offices of JR East with exhibitions, events, etc., to help preserve and popularize important local cultural heritages, arts, crafts, etc. image

* Aka-Renga Concert
The Foundation is sponsoring a series of classical music concerts led by the producer Shin-ichiro Ikebe under the spacious dome at the North Exit on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station. The nostalgic warmth of the old red-brick station building offers a perfect ambience for classical music concerts and 246 Tokyo Station Concerts were performed there between July 1987 and November 2000. These new concerts will be held from fiscal 2004 with a new name and format.

* Under-The-Dome Events at Tokyo Station
The spacious dome at the North Exit on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station is used to hold exhibitions and displays such as Supporting Preservation of Local Cultural Heritages and Michinoku Concert in Sendai Station, promoting the arts, crafts, and cultures of Japanís regional communities. image

*Art Lectures
The Foundation presents lectures by art experts expanding on the themes of Tokyo Station Gallery exhibitions. image

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